Overhead Shower

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Overhead Shower

RESPITE offers a wide range of overhead showers to change your usual shower routine to a luxurious experience. Whether you need a power shower to refresh yourself or gentle showers to relax yourself, RESPITE has everything as per your choice under overhead showers.


Different overhead showers with different sizes are available across the website to choose from as per your preferences and bathroom’s aesthetic to make your bathroom luxurious as it should be. It has 360 rotation features like 360 rotation through which you can easily rotate the shower head towards the area you need to clean and makes cleaning an easy process.


Materials: For RESPITE prioritises  quality. Heavy stainless steel and ABS plastic is the material that is used to craft the overhead showers. The material prevents corrosion, rust and any type of scratch giving a premium and contemporary look. 


Effortless maintenance: The smooth surface of the premium stainless steel and ABS plastic prevents the build up of minerals, which keeps the shower clean, ensuring lasting performance and giving a timeless look. Many shower models have shower heads which are removable and also have self-cleanable nozzles, allowing effortless cleaning without any issue.


Sustainable as everyone wants: Steel and ABS plastic is a recyclable material. ABS plastic does not release any kind of harmful toxins which makes it environment friendly. The shower has water-saving features. It allows you to customise the shower as per your needs while being careful of water usage.


Functionality: RESPITE’s overhead shower has anti-clog nozzles and offers 5 spray modes, adjustable buckles. The shower handles are heat resistant. 


These overhead showers are easy to use. Overhead shower has an easy installation process with an instruction guide to do so. You can install the showers as per your choice and bathroom’s aesthetic. 


Different sizes, shapes and extra tools: RESPITE provides different sizes of showers 4×4 inches, 12×12 inches, and 14×12 inches, you can choose as per your preference. Square, oval, circle are some of the shapes of the overhead shower that RESPITE has. 


RESPITE offers pre-installed washers to connect to the handheld overhead shower, with a 59 inch long hose pipe, hooks, and screws.


The overhead shower models come with a 1.5 m flexible tube and wall hook. The models come with arm polished chrome finish and without polished chrome finish. Overhead showers give a refreshing experience to revive your inner self at your preferred pace.


RESPITE has 24/7 customer support to help you to resolve any issues while selection process/choosing the products across the website.