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Do you want a spa-like experience in your bathroom without any hassle? Then RESPITE’s showers are perfect for you and your bathroom, Crafted by skilled artisans with hard work and personal touch, keeping luxury and aesthetics in mind complementing your bathroom style. The stainless steel gives the showers a long life as it is environment friendly.


Different showers with different sizes are available across the website to choose from as per your preferences and bathroom’s aesthetic to make your bathroom luxurious as should be. It has a 360 rotation feature which allows you to target towards the area you need to clean.


Materials: For RESPITE quality comes first. Premium stainless steel is used to craft the showers. The material is corrosion, rust and scratch resistant. The smooth surface of the material prevents the build up of minerals, which keeps the shower clean and easy to maintain.


Sustainable as everyone wants: Steel is a recyclable material and RESPITE’s preference as it does not harm the environment in any way. The showers have water-saving features. Some showers have patterns like multi-function spray which allows us to switch from a powerful shower to a gentle shower. It allows you to customize the shower while being careful of water consumption.


Easy to maintain: RESPITE’s showers require minimal cleaning. Many shower models have shower heads which are removable, allowing effortless cleaning with just a soft cloth without any trouble.


Functionality: RESPITE’s showers are easy to use. The installation process is also easy with crisp clear instructions and tools which makes it a hassle-free installation. Even if you are a DIY person, you can do it yourself without much effort. You can install the showers as per your choice and bathroom’s aesthetic.


Different ranges of showers: RESPITE provides different ranges of showers from overhead showers to shower arms as per your preference. The models give varieties of experience from powerful water spray, which feels refreshing, to gentle water spray, which feels heavenly, allowing you to revive your inner self.


RESPITE does not only provide showers but satisfaction and relaxation with their products. With its easy to use, easy to maintain and sustainable products it will give you a piece of heaven while taking a bath. Investing in RESPITE’S showers won’t hurt as it is worth every penny.


RESPITE prioritizes their customer and their preferences. They have customer support which will help you in your selection process and sort out any kind of problems while choosing the products across the website.