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RESPITE has emerged as one of the most prominently recognized Sink manufacturing brands in the Indian market, offering an extensive range of products that reflect nearly two decades of impeccable craftsmanship, innovation, and unparalleled quality. Operating from its state-of-the-art factory located in Jammu, RESPITE has established a strong presence through authorized dealerships in all major cities of India


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RESPITE, an established Indian brand renowned for manufacturing Bathroom and Kitchen Accessories our roots are based in Jammu, a state popularly known as crown of India. Hence, we ensure this legacy in our products by providing a broad range of products catering user-friendly Kitchen sinks along with deluxe Showers and Faucets including smooth Shower Drainers, Taps and many more Allied Items.


The best part of manufacturing these items is it deals with flawless techniques of Engineering to make it more innovative and design in such a way that a user is able to experience these products easily.

All thanks to its powerful distribution network, RESPITE is successful in reaching almost every Bathroom and Kitchen household across the nation through partnering with various dealers.

We are continuously committed to serving our customers the best, ensuring their expectations to be met, adhering to global standards of Ergonomics, material quality, safety & measures, environmental precautions, and design finalisation. 

We use the intelligence of brilliant mind from various backgrounds around the nation to design our quality products as we want you to deliver products that leave an immense impression in your life for years to come. We ensure you provide products that become a part of your comfort gives you a sigh of remembrance. 

Bathrooms and Kitchens are the most common place of every household that is most often used. Thus, it must be designed in a way to gain positivity & rid of fatigue. This is something beyond just selling these Kitchen and Bathroom Accessories. It gives you the opportunity to create a memorable and joyful journey to lead a lavishing life using these products and create impact on changing your lifestyle as well

It’s not just limited to Touch & Go. It’s about combining technology and innovation that has to be experienced by a user. In the era of modernization, we want to upgrade the user experience in terms of Bathroom and Kitchen usage also. So we came up with a Faucet that simply reacts with a tap, Showers that gives you spa-like experiences, Kitchen-Sinks that absorbs less space with more convenience to dish wash facilities. We will not just restrict to functions only, as we are committed to ensure your every encounter with RESPITE products must be an absolute pleasure, and that is our goal. 

5 Reason to Choose us.

RESPITE, a well-known manufacturer of Kitchen and Bathroom Accessories based in Jammu, expanded its business across all the regions of India through its effective network of logistics. We are customer-centric organisation in the last two decades, catering to all the requirements of customers and flourishing their Bathroom and Kitchen till now successfully with the help of technology and innovation, and of course our dedicated and passionate team of designers and engineers. The reasons to choose are below:

  1. Committed to Quality – RESPITE, since starting to produce quality products. We tend to use the best quality of materials using upgraded technology to produce quality products that last for many years. They have also been tested and qualified to have highest durability standards as well.

  2. Innovation is a key- RESPITE keep working on building innovative products and developing technology through R&D that meets the needs of modern users. As bathrooms and kitchens are an important part of every household, we are committed to be innovative along with elegant products that fulfil the desire of the customers and make them more joyful also.

  3. Broad Range of Products Available- RESPITE deals in manufacturing of Kitchen and Bathroom Products. But it opens a broad range of products to be utilised. For Bathrooms, it offers Showers, Faucets, Shower Drains, and other Bathroom Accessories, whereas for Kitchen, it offers, Sinks, Taps and allied items.

  4. Sustainable- We are committed to produce environmentally friendly products by using the best quality materials and recycling them. We also encourage water conservation thus we provide the best quality of sinks and taps that saves a lot of water from getting wasted.


The remarkable journey of RESPITE till now won’t be possible without its diverse and talented designers and engineers who are kept dedicatedly engaged in innovating RESPITE products day and night. The team of RESPITE is full of skilled and talented engineers and designers who are bringing their best on a regular basis and special thanks to them, we are able to deliver the best to our customers as of now.

RESPITE always prioritises its customers and their preferences. Our Customer Support Team initially determines your needs and then assists you with best suitable products as per your requirement assuring you after sale services as well. 

We keep looking forward to serving our customers in the best possible manner because we believe RESPITE is more than developing products, it's developing a connection with our customers.